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RD86 in New London, CT

Our ambition is to crack the nut on gentrification.

It’s unacceptable and unnecessary that redevelopment efforts continue to perpetuate a broken system.

There are better approaches to revitalization that can benefit all residents and enhance the uniqueness of each place.

This is a call to support a proof of concept underway in a place that is super ripe for redevelopment.

New London is a small city on the water with tremendous assets and potential - it should be buzzing with activity but instead it is relatively quiet and depressed. We believe it is a perfect place to practice regeneration without gentrification.

Core to the strategy embedded into RD86 is an applied learning model which centers business development in the food & hospitality space around cultivating people.

Our operations combine employment with education and multi-faceted professional development to support residents to become the leaders who make redevelopment happen.

Making this happen is our next phase of work. We will do this through:

  1. Weekly workshops on leadership development and business basics

  2. One-on-one coaching support

  3. On-the-job training

Learn more about our model by clicking on this link to access the RD86 strategic plan.

RD86 is not an idea - we are a viable business.

Our first operation is a diversified restaurant operation which has grossed over $300,000 in year one, employs 10 people, and is the talk of the town. Check out the 5 stars on yelp for reviews and pictures.

We are ready to take this work to the next level and are looking for friends and financial support to make it happen.

Click the link below to give money now or get in touch to discuss other investment options. We are especially interested in patient capital loans.

Support RD86 as a proof of concept

Other Ways to Support

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make friends with us

Our names are Robert and Hannah.

We love connecting with others who are thinking and doing at the cutting edge of impact and transformation.

Set up a time for a video call with the calendar link below.


cross fertilize

Our success relies on this message finding the right people - please send this page to folks in your network who you think would want to learn about and/or support RD86.

Or, do you know of other place-based redevelopment projects with similar dynamics that we can learn from to inform the design and implementation of RD86?

Share your thoughts, suggestions, and references with an email to hannah@rd86space.com.

New London is ready

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Learn about RD86 Strategy

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the RD86 plan:

  • activate New London with destination operations that bring more people in from outside (restaurants, events, airbnb rentals, etc.) to increase activity with people and more money circulating

  • use these business operations as a platform to develop people into responsible leaders by offering education and personal & professional development along side employment

  • make a big play in real estate in order to maintain a healthy and diverse “land use” mix that includes affordable housing, creative & attractive third spaces, and urban agriculture & other greening

  • structure investment opportunities for local residents to participate in financing these developments so that the wealth creation is democratized

Why New London?

  • affordable real estate market with large number of commercial vacancies in the downtown and incredible but dilapidated housing stock - median home price is currently $158,000.

  • asset-rich as a transportation hub with the state’s deep water port, ferry system, commercial and commuter rail, and directly on I95 corridor

  • 4 higher educational institutions

  • two hours in between Boston and NY

  • a phenomenal but not well-known history that provides a strong narrative to contextualize and inspire engagement from the local resident base

  • Connecticut is one of the richest states in the country with some of the poorest cities - part of “cracking the nut” here means learning how to help old money to flow

There is so much more to share…

Come for a visit, schedule a call, or drop a line below.


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